Fresh Hope – 7th April 2020

The first 11 verses of Matthew 21 describe Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey.  We now celebrate this occasion as Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Good Friday. A large crowd of people cheered Jesus as He made His way into the city, throwing palm branches and their coats in front of Him to create a makeshift red carpet.

In all the euphoria of the event, a lot of people would have joined in the carnival atmosphere just to say they were part of that extraordinary event, without knowing much of Jesus. 

Jesus was the centre of attention, but the centre of His attention was the task ahead of Him. He was completely aware of the crucifixion that was to come a few days later.

The days between the jubilation and the judgement must have been difficult for Him. He was surrounded by friends who were close to Him, but who didn’t understand why He had to go through the suffering. In the midst of the crowds, He must have felt so isolated and alone, culminating in His passionate cry on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” in Matthew 27v46.

A huge number of people around the world are in isolation in their homes at the moment, in a global attempt to save lives from a virus. Just as no-one was unaware of the events of that week in Jerusalem, no-one is unaware of the pandemic gripping the world.

Jesus went through isolation, pain and judgement so that we could find hope in times of trouble. 

He endured death so that by His resurrection, we can know that there is life. We have the assurance that although we may be bombarded by stories of death, He is alive. And through His victory, we are made free.

Easter is a time to celebrate what Jesus did on the cross. Take a moment to reassure someone and share joy this Easter.

Noble Mudenha

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