Fresh Hope – 15th April 2020

This week I received some heartbreaking news. I found out that my Uncle, who has had cancer for a number of years, must now move to a hospice where he will spend the last of his days (however long that may be). Only in his 50s, and leaving behind my two young cousins who I’m very close with, this is a lot to come to terms with. It’s horrible and painful. 

I also had some good news. For years, we have been praying that he would come into a personal relationship with God. This week I received the news that he has accepted Jesus as His Lord and saviour! 

As grim as the reality of cancer is, I have never been more thankful for the HIGHER reality of the cross. Yes, the overwhelming practicalities and statistics of Corona, (and cancer), stare us in the face, but the greater reality is the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross has the final word. Death does not. Jesus paid the price… and He didn’t just pay the price and then stay on the cross, defeated by death. He then rose from the cross. He literally conquered the grave. Death is no longer final for us. 

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how people process death without the truth of the gospel to steady their hearts and ease their minds. Life is short. Life is fragile. I’m thankful that there is an assurance and hope that is far bigger us… it is bigger than our failures, it’s above our social constructs (that we assumed so secure), it is above our sickness, and even above our death. 

One thing is certain for all of us, at some point, we will face death. It is foolish to not consider where we will stand on the edge of eternity. It is foolish not to consider our standing with God. 

Thanks to the power of the cross, I will see my Uncle again. Thanks to the power of the cross, I will still believe in the healing hand of God to restore his body. Thanks to the power of the cross, I don’t fear death. Thanks to the power of the cross, I have a hope. I hope you do too.

Emma Burchell

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