Fresh Hope – 18th April 2020

The next few lines are an excerpt from a ‘fresh hope’ that I wrote in 2014. Yes 2014…

I drove to the office this morning, much of the route is narrow roads and streets where you need to give way to oncoming traffic. On three separate occasions today, I pulled in to the side to let the oncoming car pass and on three occasions, neither driver acknowledged the fact, waved, smiled or said “thank you” through the glass. What is it with some people and their manners? It’s almost like it’s their right to drive on and yours to stop. I find myself getting annoyed with such people.

 Unfortunately, a lot of society is not about putting others first, it’s just about ME ME ME. We seem to have lost the art of being thankful and courteous and mindful of others. I find it when I go into a store and speak to the person behind the counter and ask them how they are? Some people look at me strangely, and others will say “you’re the first customer today that has asked me how I am.” Come on friends, I know we’re all busy, but let’s not lose sight of being helpful and courteous to others. Let’s change the culture that society is putting onto us and let’s swing that pendulum back to one of being friendly and thankful.”

As I write today…April 17th 2020…I believe a shift is happening. Due to the current situation, we have been taking daily walks and everyone I meet I speak to and they speak back in a very friendly manner. Whilst queuing at the supermarket, we are having friendly words with complete strangers.
As we come outside to clap for the NHS on a Thursday evening, we are speaking to neighbours, who we have never ever spoken to before. I read about people taking care packages to others in the church who are in need, I read about people raising money to support each other and good causes, I see people taking time for OTHERS and I love it. I read an article today that said only 9% of the UK public want to go back to normal. God is causing a shift to happen and it’s great. 

Let’s start a new normal, a better normal, a kinder normal and let God be glorified through it all 
Romans 12 v 10 “Be kindly affectionate towards one another, in honour give preference to one another.”

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.