Fresh Hope – 22nd April 2020

I want to write a series of Fresh Hopes, breaking down Psalm 23. 

Today we will start with verse 1. 

‘The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing’. 

‘The Lord is my shepherd’ – this is the declaration. 

‘I lack nothing’ – this is the result of the declaration.  

Let’s take a look at the word, SHEPHERD. 

God is metaphorically described many times in scripture as being a shepherd, and we the sheep. 


Well, In Israel, the job of a shepherd would have been one of the lowest jobs of the time. Consistent with Jesus being born in a manger, this is again a reminder to us, that while God is the almighty creator of the universe, He also stoops down low to care for us. 

A shepherd’s job included; feeding the flock, guiding them, governing them, defending them, handling them, healing them, tending to them and caring for them. David knew this because he himself was a shepherd! 

A shepherd actually lived WITH the sheep. 

Likewise, God isn’t far off. He is among us. He is up close and personal in our lives. God as our shepherd, provides for us, He governs and guides us, He defends us, He handles and heals us, He tends to us and cares for us. 

Notice the use of the word, ‘MY’ in verse 1. ‘MY SHEPHERD’ – David knew God in a personal sense. It was not, ‘The Lord is a shepherd, or ‘the shepherd’ or even ‘our shepherd’. It is ‘MY shepherd’. 

We too should understand God as our personal shepherd. 

Let’s look at us as the sheep. A sheep isn’t a wild animal. Sheep were purchased and owned. They were of great value and bought at a price. 

Likewise, we are like sheep, belonging to our shepherd, bought at a great price, valued, and dependant on our shepherd for survival. 

Finally, the second phrase of the first verse, ‘I lack nothing’ this implies that in light of God being my shepherd, I do not want. Every need is met. ALL my needs are supplied in God – my personal shepherd. 

Stay tuned for more unpacking of Psalm 23! 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.