Fresh Hope – 23rd April 2020

Yesterday I started a verse by verse break down of Psalm 23. Today we will unpack verse 2. 

V2: ‘He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters’. 

‘He makes’ – A sheep doesn’t know what it needs. A good shepherd recognises when the sheep need a rest and makes them rest. 

Equally, sometimes we don’t know what we need, and God provides for us what we most need, when we need it. 

‘To lie down in green pastures’ – A good shepherd knows the best places for his sheep to get rest. God faithfully takes us there. 

Interestingly, sheep do not lie/rest unless all conditions are in place. Because they are timid, they won’t rest if they are afraid. Because they are social, they won’t rest if there is friction in the flock. They won’t rest if there are flies/parasites. They won’t lie if they are anxious about food or hungry. 

Similarly, our soul does not rest if we are afraid. Our soul is restless if there is friction in an area of our life. We don’t rest if there is a virus. We don’t rest if we are worried about our next meal, or finances. 

BUT when we know God as ‘my shepherd’ (see yesterday’s Fresh Hope!), we know that He deals with the fear, friction, flies and famine! 

A lot of our fear and worry issues come down to the question of, ‘do I know God as MY shepherd?’ 

‘He leads me beside quiet waters’ – As a shepherd does, he LEADS. The thing with all leadership though, is that you have to submit to leadership to be covered by it. You don’t come under the covering if you aren’t following the leader. There is protection in following the lead of the shepherd – more on this in another Fresh Hope! 

Emma Burchell

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