Fresh Hope – 25th April 2020

Have you ever thought about the word ‘reset’?
It applies to many different things in life and our homes even. For instance, if we have a power cut in our house, we have a digital clock on our oven that has to be reset. If some damaging spam virus thingy attaches itself to a computer or electronic device, it can affect that device negatively and often the way to deal with it, is to reset. Sometimes we are warned that our passwords on confidential documents or banking may get compromised and we have to reset. The most regular one and most annoying in our house is when the Wi-Fi connection drops and we have to reset things like the TV for instance.

Maybe, just maybe,  we are in a time right now where God wants to reset you? The word reset means to set again. It was once set, but due to something, it now needs to be re-set. 

Maybe, just maybe you’ve had a power cut, you’ve lost your connection with Almighty God, maybe you never had one in the first place. You need to take this time to be RE-SET.  

Maybe your life has gone a little bit crazy; maybe something that wasn’t good has attached itself to your life. Like bitterness or unforgiveness or sin? Maybe this time is a great time to RE-SET. 

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve lost strong connection with an Almighty God or maybe your signal is very low and unpredictable. Maybe it’s because the busyness of life crowded out your relationship, or ‘stuff’ took over and sucked the very life from your connection.
My friends, take this time to RE-SET your connection with God.

When we leave this current situation, (hopefully soon) we will have missed a fantastic opportunity if we come out of it the same way we went in. The best time to work on yourself is right now. The best time to RE-SET is right now. The best time to correct or improve or revive or develop your relationship with Almighty God is right now.
I hope that you are making every effort to come out of this time, renewed, strengthened and RE-SET ready for what the future holds. 

My clock may have been a few seconds or minutes out, it needed that power cut! My computer had become infected with all types of rubbish, it needed that wake up call! My wi-fi needed looking into, was it powerful enough to supply the demand we put on it? 

My friends, good things come out of difficult places. RE-SET!

Pastor Gillian

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