Fresh Hope – 11th May 2020

Over the past few weeks our dear friend, Thembinkosi has been in Intensive Care with Covid-19. Sadly, he passed away last night (9thMay). Over the time he was fighting the virus, we prayed relentlessly for him. We all had such faith that he would get up off that hospital bed and yet again share another testimony about the goodness of God. 

Thembinkosi was a husband. He was a father to two boys, Timothy (15), and Titus (12). And he was a friend to many. He was always full of hope, a joyful smile and a word of encouragement. He loved God with all his heart and soul. He was the kind of person that touched your heart and stirred your faith. 

When we got word that this mighty man of faith had passed away, we were all heartbroken. God was meant to heal this man of God. It’s a massive blow. 

Right now it is easy to think, ‘God failed us’, but I don’t think He has. Ultimately, death has not won. Death has been destroyed. This is why God sent His son. Thembinkosi is now healed and has now entered into eternal life. He is in heaven (soon to be joined by us). 

God hasn’t let us down. He made a way. Sometimes He makes a way in this life, on earth. Sometimes, He makes the way in Heaven. 

We prayed with everything we had and the healing didn’t happen. The testimony we imagined didn’t happen, and we don’t know why. But we cannot afford to question the goodness of God in this moment. The nature of God is not defined by our circumstance. Remember, if we understood God completely, we would be as big as God. We have to learn to live with the mystery and the “WHY?”. I believe that God will honour the faith we had for Thembinkosi’s healing. 

Yes, not having him hurts, but can you imagine how much he is loving Heaven right now? He would be in his element, fist pumping in praise! 

In the end, we did get a testimony from Thembinkosi. His life was the powerful testimony. He lived surrendered to God. He held a posture of humility and gratitude. He knew what this life was really all about – eternity. 

I’m reminded yet again of how fleeting and brief life is for us all, in comparison to the weight of eternity. REALITY CHECK: Life is not about life. It is about where we are heading. Life is just the practice, the dress rehearsal, the entrée. The real game, the real show, the main meal, is Heaven. 

Just like Thembinkosi, we must live this life with our whole hearts, with joy, with unbridled passion, with deep gratitude, honouring and encouraging others at any opportunity we get. Let’s live light, free from offence and pettiness, because eternity is what really counts. 

As Thembinkosi would have it, let’s process his death through the lenses of eternity, knowing full well he is home with Jesus and we will meet again. 

We’re in this grief together. That is the beauty of being in community. Let’s live in light of eternity, and do everything we can to support his wife, Queen and their boys in the meantime. 

‘A Go Fund Me’ page has been created in honour of Thembinkosi, and in support of his family. We would love them to be financially covered and blessed during this challenging time. Please find the link here

Emma Burchell

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