Fresh Hope – 21st May 2020

Without a doubt, Corona has swept in and totally interrupted all of our lives to some degree. It has cut in and shut down our usual routines and systems. Interruption can really shake us. At the very least it can be uncomfortable. It contradicts our usual flow, order and natural need for control.

Sometimes, and I would dare to say, often times, the Holy Spirit doesn’t operate on what is convenient to us. Yes He works within our schedules, but often He interrupts them. Are we open to such interruptions?

Many of us hunger for God to break through in our lives, many of us desire to be ‘used’ by God, and yet we are so determined to get through our daily schedule and personal agenda no matter what! We pack our calendars so full that we leave little room for interruption from God. We get to the end of the day and wonder why we haven’t heard from God, or been aware of what He is saying or doing. Could it be because we aren’t living open to interruption? We are so focused on our to-do list that we haven’t been aware of God’s gentle prompts and opportunities.

Do we see the interruptions of God in our day as an inconvenience, rather than an invitation?

Perhaps we encounter someone with a need, and we process our encounter with them as a delay to our day rather than recognising that we were just given an opportunity to allow God to work through us.

If we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, he was often on his way somewhere and about his plans for the day when he was then ‘delayed’ by someone in need. What was Jesus’ response? Well, he saw the delay as an opportunity to partner with God and then perform a miracle. Interruptions are often the avenues for miracles. The disciples many a time watched people interrupting their planned agenda for the day and rather than Jesus rushing them away, he stopped and engaged with the opportunity to partner with God. Jesus recognised ‘delays’ as the very purpose for which they were there.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to-do lists. I love order. I love productivity plans and fulfilled schedules. And I still think those things have a place, BUT let us be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit in the day, and let us be flexible to where and when God may interrupt our day-to-day comings and goings. Let us be Spirit driven, not agenda driven people. God is always inviting us into a partnership with Him.

Often we imagine God will fantastically and supernaturally lead us to a person in need, but if you look at the life of Jesus, often, it was simply Jesus and his disciples going about their very normal day and then having very normal interruptions where a need would then present itself and Jesus would step in as the solution.

As Jesus followed the gentle nudgings of God, he would be ready to minister according to the need that arose. When a need pops up in our lives, we don’t need a booming audible voice of God to tell us to do something. As people of God, walking with the Spirit, we recognise a need, and we get to be a solution to the problem.

We get to be inconveniently interrupted, and we are open to that. We get to put aside our agenda for a moment and do the work of God.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.