Fresh Hope – 25th May 2020

Life is too short to be average – Part one of two parts. 

The world is filled with amazing people, but sadly most of us settle for being average. Living an average life is not annasset, as it simply means that you never reach your full potential. 

I believe that there are six principles that will help you maximise your ability to be more than average. 

First, you must discover God’s purpose for your life — you were born for a reason. You were not just born to make a living, you were born to make a life. There’s something that God needed done that required you. 

Second, you must develop a passion. Passion comes from purpose. When you discover your purpose in life, there’s a sense of passion that will follow. Martin Luther King Jr. became a leader long before his great speech… ‘I have a dream…’ and his dream came out of his passion.

He became a leader in a small church of 200 people when he spoke of his death threat on his life. He told his wife, “I’ve got a passion. Someone’s got to do something, and I’m willing to do it. If it kills me I’ll do it.” You wont change the world if you try to protect your life. Jesus said, “if you cling to your life, you’ll lose it; but if you give it up for me, you’ll find it.”

The third most critical thing for developing excellence is to make a plan for your life. Plan beyond what you’re doing right now. Find something that’s bigger than you. Don’t just make your plan; work your plan. Then discipline yourself to follow it. Pursue your dream with a passion to please God—you were born to make a difference. 

Maybe part of my story will help someone today…
I was just turning 20 when I felt that God was calling me to a very different life than the one I’d imagined. I was passionate about becoming a top chef in London and had already spent two years in training and was now climbing that ladder. I sensed that God was asking me to surrender all of that and to give my life to becoming the pastor of a church! I was shocked, as this was something that was never even on my radar. I just knew that I’d heard clearly from God.

Then came the crunch…would I follow through? In much the same way that I’d spent two years training as a chef, I now felt I would need to train for Pastoring at a Bible school. This took me so much out of my comfort zone, that I felt sick at the prospect of leaving home, and not least of all the girl that I knew I would marry.

I drove three hours for that first interview at Bible School, and got rejected there and then due to being considered too young! That was it, I drove home feeling elated that I wouldn’t have to go through with it. Twelve months later I was back again, and this time with a passion and a plan that it was now or never. I was accepted on the course and went home to tell my parents, my girlfried and my employer that I was leaving. The following two years came and went and two weeks later we got married.
I had followed the call, the passion, and the plan, and was now ready to completly change the direction of my life for ever. It would be five years before I became the full time Pastor of the now named Champions Church.

The last 30 years have been a roller coaster of incredible highs and lows, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything. I was doing what I was born to do — make a difference!

You will also have to make some tough choices in order for your life to count. They won’t be the same as mine, but nevertheless they will take the same kind of courage to do so. 

Here is my declaration today: ‘My life has a purpose and I will not settle for less than what God has for me.’

Would you like to make it yours too?

Part two tomorrow. 

Pastor Mark

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