Fresh Hope – 1st June 2020

During this time of isolation, how many of you have thought (be honest), “I’m wasting my life, time is passing me by, I have too much life to live, than sit around and do nothing”?

My friend, you shouldn’t just be doing nothing. I remember many years ago, when our main church building was being built. For years, we saw no building going up, yet, there was a lot of preparation going on that wasn’t seen. Mineshafts were being filled. Ground was being prepared, surveys were being done and then the most important of all the things, were the foundations.

Yet I just wanted to see the building built! How many times have you thought recently, not only “what is going on?” But also, “I’m wasting time!” Don’t be impatient to see the rest of your life take place. I’m in my 50s, I could easily think these thoughts. You may be a lot older than me and thinking “I don’t have lots of time to waste.”

My friend, recognise what God is doing in the now. God wants you to use this time to make some adjustments down deep. He has some work to do on you that no one else may see. He wants to create some great foundations in your life.

Maybe some that weren’t there before. These things take time. When the building goes up, it will be beautiful. (And it is). But it won’t go up successfully unless the foundations are right. Remember the higher the build, the deeper the foundation. If you want to see and experience something new and fresh and something you’ve never seen or experienced before, then you’ve got to do something that you’ve not done before.

You’ve got to let God do some ‘foundation’ work and not see it as wasted time at all.
So get ready – because God always brings something better and bigger out of a difficult situation and out of a time of preparation. Don’t sit around bored or as if ‘nothing’ is happening.

Get on it! IF you use this time to prepare right, you will realise the best IS YET to come. No time is wasted. It’s all in the plan!

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.