Fresh Hope – 13th June 2020

I was thinking about the story from the Bible in Matthew chapter 7 about the wise and the foolish builders. One built his house upon the rock, the other on the sand. Growing up in Sunday school, we regularly sang a song about the wise and foolish builders.

Along with many actions and sound effects, it told the exact story and that was that when the storm and the wind and waves came along, the house on the rock stood firm and the house on the sand fell flat. Matthew 7 teaches us that if our lives aren’t built on God’s word then we are like the foolish builder.

 You and I have to make sure our lives are built firmly, with great, solid foundations. For surely, life’s wind and waves and storms WILL come and what will be left? Hopefully we will still be standing firm. 

When my life is built on prayer, God’s word and a relationship with Him, then even when I’m tested (and we all will be) my life will still stand. My husband always says that what we learn in the light, we have to practise in the dark. Many people base their lives on feelings. This is too dangerous. For life isn’t always ‘happy’ and things don’t always go as we would want. But, when we instead build our lives on what GOD says, and not what I feel, that’s a firm foundation. When I listen to what He says and not what social media tells me, or the news media, then I am building the right foundation. 

God wants to build something great in you. Storms will come and storms will pass. You will remain standing… IF you have taken the time to build some great foundations. 

As children you may remember the story of the three little pigs…the same story as the Bible really. The wolf came and blew down the house of the homes that were built of straw. Yet, those that had been built with bricks, were able to stand when the wolf came. 

The enemy of our souls, the devil himself, may want to take you out. He may want to blow our house down with a big crash! BUT… he can’t if your foundation is strong. 
Check it today. Ask God to help you. Do something important that will last you forever. 

Pastor Gillian
A daily devotion for a better way of living.