Fresh Hope – 15th June 2020

After more than 13 weeks in lock down, we have all been subjected to what can only be described as an exceptional set of circumstances. Living in each other’s pockets has been both an unexpected blessing and an unexpected strain at times. 

Spending so much time under one roof, with little opportunity for any outlet, has proved very challenging for many families as well as those living alone. I’m sure that you will have noticed that while emotions are running high, we are more prone than ever to do and say things that would not normally be an issue. 
By way of an MOT during this time, here are ten reasons why relationships fail:

  1. Communication breaks down. 
  2. Truth is violated 
  3. Integrity is forsaken
  4. Time isn’t invested 
  5. Risks aren’t taken (not social distancing risks I might add)
  6. Control rises to the top
  7. Trust is broken
  8. Self-interest is the rule
  9. Manipulation is allowed
  10. God is ignored 

How well did you do? Before you lose heart because you feel like you’ve failed, here are just three values that I find helpful in my daily thinking:

  • Become a good listener. In the book of James chapter 1 v 19, he writes… ‘be quick to listen and slow to speak.’ Sometimes the greatest gift that you can give to others, is to listen with not just your ears, but with your heart. Just ‘being there’ for someone, even if it’s just on their doorstep or on the end of the phone is enough. 
  • Speak the truth in love. Nobody likes to be corrected, but when you’re heading down the wrong road or settling for less than your potential, a true friend will have the courage to tell you. If you truly care about someone then you will make time to speak the truth in love even though it may cost you. 
  • Always believe the best. Love sometimes sees you at your worst, but never forgets your best. Love will often see you as far more wonderful than you know that you really are, but is able to see past your faults and failings. 1 Peter 4:8 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”. Love doesn’t sweep things under the carpet, but it does see beyond the dirt on the carpet. 

Whatever relationship challenges you are facing today, let’s be mindful that if we can learn to overcome the challenges in this season we will have learnt to overcome them in any season!

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.