Fresh Hope – 23rd June 2020

Does this season of your life feel wasted? What feels like a wasted season right now could become your greatest season, if you choose to put in the work.

Imagine waking up today, looking at your physique and being disappointed that you don’t have as many muscles as you’d like. You then ask yourself, ‘why is that?’ After a few seconds of pondering you realise it’s because you haven’t worked out as much as you should have.

Now think about a farmer; you would call him crazy if he went out into his field one afternoon to find no crops. You then ask him if he remembered to sow some seed, to which he replies, ‘You know what, I forgot that part!’

The principle here is that you cannot expect to receive a harvest in one season if you failed to sow the seeds in the previous season.

Therefore the question I want to pose to us both today is: ‘what work are we putting in during this season of our lives that is going to produce results in the time to come?’ I want to say it again, what may seem like a wasted time in your life right now could become the greatest time in your life.

Maybe you want to see your friendships thrive. Use this opportunity to invest into them. Make that call, send that text, arrange that FaceTime.

Maybe there’s a skill that you’ve been wanting to develop. Read that book, watch that tutorial, listen to that podcast. Don’t just step into the future, create it.

Today, make a decision to turn this season around and work it to your advantage. Sow the seeds so that you can reap the harvest, and when you look back on the first half of 2020, you won’t see a time that was lost, you’ll see a time that was well spent.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.