Fresh Hope – 8th July 2020

Love assumes the best about others. None of us would argue that as Christians our primary mission is to love. I’m not talking about love as a feeling, I’m talking about love as an action. 

It can be difficult to believe the best about others when we have experienced an ugly side of people in the past. Maybe someone has broken your trust. Maybe you have even had recurring negative experiences with certain types of people. 

Even in our failures, when God looks at us, He believes the best about us. He is not blinded to our flaws. He is more aware of them than anyone else. He CHOOSES to focus on the gold on us. He chooses to see what we are, not what we are not. He chooses to believe the best about us over and over and over again. 

If you struggle with trusting every person you meet, if you have something critical to say about every person in your life, if you struggle to celebrate the success of others, if you are quickly threatened, if your immediate response is to see what people lack instead of what they have, then it is time to switch the lenses in which you view people. 

The entire religious law was summed up in two commands: 

1. Love God. 

2. Love people 

It is very difficult to do the latter if you don’t believe the best about them. 

Until that person violates your trust, until that person actually says what you assume they are thinking, until people actually do something for you to question their integrity, give them the benefit of the doubt.  Remove your heart of judgement and replace it with a heart of love. Ask God to give you the ability to see people the way He sees them – the ability to see the gold in them. 

Galatians 5:14, ‘For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.’

As you would want people to believe the best in you, let us believe the best in others. Let’s be quick to love, and slow to judge. Don’t believe the lie that being cautious and closed off is ‘wisdom and discernment’. This attitude will make for a lonely life with few close relationships as you struggle to be vulnerable, warm and open.  I’m not saying you bare all to anyone and everyone. I am encouraging you to see where believing the best about others will take you! You may actually find that believing the best in others in fact brings the best out of them! 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.