Fresh Hope – 13th July 2020

Every new week that you live, you’re in the process of becoming. What you become depends on what and who you give yourself to. Before you head into yet another week, whereby you will have the potential to either remain the same or become someone better, consider these seven steps:
1- make a commitment to grow daily — it won’t be long before you see real change. Growth comes by what you read, who you listen to and how much value you place on the Bible and prayer. 

2-value the process, more than the event. Certain events may be helpful in making you have a growth spurt, but inevitably it will be the process that matures you into what God wants you to become. 

3-don’t wait for inspiration…it’s not always available! Sometimes you can run on excitement, but most times it will be commitment that will carry you through. 

4- if you’re willing to delay short term pleasure in order to have long term gain, then the results will taste much sweeter in the end. 

5- don’t limit God. By only focusing on your limitations you will magnify them and down size God’s unlimited power. The God that lives in you is able to do ‘…exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think’. (Ephesians 3 v 20).

6- learn to master your time. Since you can’t recover lost time, make every day count from now on. What difference does a few minutes make? Think about it —if you save even 5 minutes every day by streamlining your morning routine, 10 minutes by eliminating things that take your focus from starting the day, 10 minutes by avoiding other distractions and even people that just want to waste your time, and 5 minutes by taking a shorter lunch break — you’ll gain an additional 125 hours a year! That’s three 40hr working weeks that you can use for better things! You can double that by watching TV or scrolling social media for 30 minutes less each day. 

7 – life is filled with decisive moments when you have to trade one thing for another. Always trade up and not down. If it’s the case of choosing the lesser of two evils…chose neither. 
Want to achieve your God given destiny? Follow these steps.

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.