Fresh Hope – 14th July 2020

The camel is an unusual animal. It was created by God to thrive (not just survive) in hot, desolate places. I always thought that the camel’s humps were full of stored water – not so! In fact, they are full of fat that gets stored when the camel eats… so, when the camel has no food for days, it can call on its reserve and eat at the fat that has been stored. How great is our God!

The camel was also made with oval blood cells, so that it can also retain water in its body. A camel can actually go up to a week without water, but when it drinks, it can consume up to 30 gallons of the stuff!

What a great lesson for us here; the camel has a reserve and so should we. We may find ourselves in dry and difficult places, but it’s then that we can call on the reserve that we have. The danger is, is that if we don’t have one, then we are in trouble.
Every time you pray, you worship, you read God’s Word, you listen to God’s teachings, you are filling up your reserve. So that when you are in a difficult place, you can call on that which you know to be true. 

Don’t wait until you’re desperate to try to call on that which you don’t have. Keep your reserve topped up at EVERY opportunity. 

The camel doesn’t say “I don’t need to drink or eat today, because I have some in reserve.” No, it takes it, so that when it does need it, it’s there. 

Let this be a lesson to us today. Fill up your reserve…at every opportunity. 
Worry will rob your reserve? Anxiousness will rob it. Fear will strip it. Life in general will take from you. So each day, take time and make time, to keep it topped up. 

Pastor Gillian

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