Fresh Hope – 16th July 2020

God does not operate on the timings of the man, He operates on the timings and rhythms of our heart. 

If our inner man is full of grumbling, complaining, bitterness, unforgiveness, prejudice, resentment, or idolatry than God will lovingly keep us where we are, as long as it takes, to process our issues before we move into our promises. 

Thankfully you don’t have to process the inner workings of your heart alone. You have been given the Holy Spirit to help you with that job. Ask Him to ‘lead you to truth’, and show you what needs to be dealt with. 

Don’t be like the Israelites who had a mountain to overcome, in order to reach the promise land. Instead of facing, and scaling the mountain, they went around and around and around the mountain, complaining all the while, until the penny finally dropped and they learnt their lesson. When they had learnt their lesson. They overcame the mountain and reached the promise(Deuteronomy 2:3). 

 Be careful not to compare your process with the person next to you. Remember that a tree’s health and fruitfulness is determined by its root system – the part that you don’t see. 

There is more purpose in your season today than you will probably give it credit for now. Hindsight will show you later on. Stop and listen to what God is saying to you in this season. Ask Him what lessons need to be learnt. Ask Him what needs to shift in your heart. Trust that He is working together all things for your good right now! As crazy, as it might sound, take pleasure in the process. 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.